Useful Links

What is Bloat (Gastric Torsion)?
Bloat is a very serious medical issue that all dog owners should be aware of... why it happens and how to (as best as possible) prevent it. Read more
Tips for Large Dog Care
If you are considering getting a large breed dog, please make sure to educate yourself on the special feeding and health care that may be required. Some links to get you started: 
Why Dog Parks are not such a good thing
Here at VomKeleran, we do not believe in bringing puppies, or any dogs, to dog parks. Here is an informative article on the negative effects of dog parks and ways to avoid conflict if you do chose to bring your dog to one, thanks to Kreative Kennels. Read more.
This is a great article from Kreative Kennels.
Puppy Proofing your home
Congratulations!! You've decided to bring home a new puppy! Here's some helpful information from the Canadian Kennel Club. Read more.