Working Line Dutch Shepherds

We are happy to announce that Niko and Zara have passed all the health testings, and hip & elbow certifications. We are expecting their first litter June 27, 2022.

We can expect some amazing pups for sport homes, security, and law enforcement.

Dutch Shepherds were the original herding dogs of Holland, who are very similar to the Belgian Malinois, the herding dog of Belgium. Yet the Dutch Shepherd is distinguishable by their brindle coat.

Our focus is on working abilities and clear headed temperament.

Owning a Dutch Shepherd requires dedication to lifelong training. Highly recommended for serious working homes only!

dutch shepherd


Niko is a purebred, UKC registered Dutch Shepherd. He is the grandson of Nico Van Neerland. He has stunning conformation, is confident, very social temperament, medium to high drive, clear headed. He has intense handler focus, and endless ball and hunt drive. He has nice hard grips. He takes corrections well but will not tolerate an unfair one. We expect great things from him!

DOB: Jan 8, 2020

Sire: Bandit Van Neerland

Dam: Keuls Yvonne Wapini Von Folge

UKC Reg No: P923-114

Born: Ontario, Can




Zara is a beautiful dark pigment Dutch Shepherd. She comes out of Topeka, Kansas, bred by Robert H who has 20+ years breeding Dutch Shepherds. She is a very powerfully built female, very high drive, and ball driven. She is clear headed, and great but cautious around people. We are excited to see the drives in her offspring!

DOB: Sep 3, 2020

Sire: Pete

Dam: Hella

Born: Topeka, KS, US



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