Application Form


VomKeleran Puppy Application


Full Name(s):    _______________________________

Full Address:     ______________________________ (street address) 

                          _______________________________ (city, prov) 

                          _______________________________ (postal code) 

Phone number: _______________________________ 

Email: ______________________________________ 


Do you want to reserve a Male or Female puppy? 


Do you have any hands-on experience with Dutch or German Shepherds? 


Are you looking for a dog for: 

Working Dog 

⬜ Family Protection 

⬜ Service Dog 

⬜ Other _______________________________ 



Who will the puppy primarily live with, and do they fully understand Working line German Shepherds and/or Dutch Shepherds and large breed dogs? 



Do you have small children or small animals the puppy will be raised around? 



Do you understand puppies take time to transition in their new home and that you will need to potty train, crate train, and socialize with your puppy daily?  



Do you understand that too much exercise & movement for growing medium/large breed puppies can cause joint and/or bone problems? Short walks and multiple play sessions throughout the day, rather than long extended ones are best. Puppies need a lot of rest/sleep too! 




Do you understand that German Shepherds & Dutch Shepherds are:  

-very vocal 

-loyal and very protective 

-needing a lot of mental stimulation in addition to physical exercise 



Do you live in a house or apartment? Is the yard fenced? 




Will the puppy have plenty of room to run, train and play as well as be included in your daily activities? 




Where will the puppy stay when unsupervised for how many hours? 



Do you understand that we love getting updates on our puppies and want to know they are doing well!  



We ask that you either tag us in photos/videos or message our Facebook page or email with updates throughout the years! 



Do you consent to VomKeleran posting the photos you share of our pups on our social media & website?  



Where did you hear about VomKeleran? 



1. Forward this completed application to Once reviewed,
    you will receive notification of approval status and any additional inquiries we may
2. Send your $500 deposit via etransfer to
    You may also pay by credit card on our website, however a $15 fee will be       
    added to the final price of your pup to cover the charges.
    Note that your pup will not be reserved until your deposit is received.
    If we do not approve your application, your deposit will be returned in full


** Please note once approved, a contract must also be completed by both parties